Retirement planning

Retirement planning is one of our specialties at Cloran Financial Planning. We offer a wide range of retirement products that are only available through life insurance companies. These products guarantee you a minimum life annuity while protecting your legacy value for your loved ones.

Guaranteed life withdrawal benefits (GLWB)

Predictable income guaranteed not to decrease no matter how investments perform sustainable income that will last for your life or the lives of you and your spouse flexible guaranteed income options to suit your retirement income needs potentially increasing guaranteed income to help keep pace with inflation the ability to change your investment or access your savings at any time (fees may apply) Tax–efficient income when held in a non–registered account benefits that help ensure the smooth transition of your estate potential creditor protection.


In exchange for a single lump sum investment, an insurer makes guaranteed regular income payments to an investor that contain both interest and a return of principal. Annuity payments can continue for the lifetime(s) of one or two people, or for a chosen period of time.

Want the highest guaranteed income amount possible from their investment
Wish to help cover essential expenses in retirement
Are concerned about outliving their savings
Wish to minimize tax on their investment income
Value security and peace of mind while reducing the need for ongoing investment decisions
Want to subsidize early retirement income
Need income until pension and government benefits become available
Wish to fund a child’s ongoing educational costs

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